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Vegan and beautiful

November 16, 2017

Phred was my tattoo artist he was amazing, although I only got letters he took his time and really helped me pick out the design and front. (I was a walk in). He really got to know me and relaxed me (not my first tattoo) I will defo come back again and would like to get mr back covered up phred listened to how I felt about my back tattoo and instead of saying cover it up with a rose or something unimportant he brainstormed some beautiful ideas. I will defo be returning to get my back tattoo cover up. They were kind, welcoming, non judgemental, and genuine.


Do Your Research; Everything Will Pay Off

August 14, 2017

Received my first tattoo here from Yuki – Was not disappointed in the slightest!! The staff here create a more wholesome and family orientated environment for their customers. It was a genuine pleasure to witness Yuki in what was truly, her own element. As an artist, she’s passionate in learning and strives for each upcoming project to better its predecessors. Like some, Yuki originally dismissed some aspects of my initial idea for a tattoo. With that in mind, she transformed my mediocre design into what is, a truly unique piece of artwork – Till this day I’m so grateful she had convinced me to slightly alter my tattoo so it can compliment her style (This is why consultations are an essential!!). Above all, Yuki was so personally committed and excited to finish my tattoo, she extended the closing time of the studio and stayed behind to finish off the work. From beginning to end, everything was kept consistently professional, friendly and fun. Thanks Yuki- You’re truly a rising artist of our time. I hope everything you deserve comes your way soon! Thanks Fifth Dimension Team

Jonathan Fung


March 31, 2017

Dropped in during a tight lunch break, so was pressed for time and over-excited. Main lady was a delight, lovely energy and so positive. I got my rook pierced without really having a plan, except to get something done. Very straightforward and swift and reasonably priced. £35 for a gold ring. They don’t take cards but cashpoint two seconds away. Really positive vibes. Am taking all my colleagues who also want to be this cool. Many thanks to the team, especially front of house lady, thank you x

Jenny Cay


March 25, 2017

I’m absolutely blown-away by my tattoo! I spent about 30 hours getting my tattoo done and all I ever heard was the highest praise from every customer. The place is so friendly and welcoming and has a perfect atmosphere. Totally professional, very skilled and very chilled. Thanks especially to Phred who is a genius with ink!


Only parlour for me!

January 17, 2017

The team at Fifth Dimension are quick, clean and efficient. I got my tragus pierced here, and it took only seconds to do. They are good at giving you advice on how to clean your piercing, and they were happy to change over my other piercings for me, even though I didn’t get them done in store. Looking forward to more piercings!

Alice Schroeder

Thank you Yuki!

January 8, 2017

I am very happy with my first tattoo from Yuki. She helped me to express what I wanted with her original style. Thank you Yuki and wish you all the best.You are a very nice person and a talented artist! 🙂


Fabulous studio!

October 30, 2016

Wonderful studio. Relaxed atmosphere and Andy who does the piercing clearly knows his stuff. I had my tragus and conch pierced last Sunday. Absolutely love them – no swelling at all and only the conch one was a bit tender afterwards. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Helen Dryden


August 22, 2016

I’ve now visited FIFTH DIMENSION twice for my piercings. The first was a belly button piercing and I was so happy with the experience and the after care that I returned for more! Andy has a great sense of humour and I trust him completely. I came in with a picture of what I was looking for. When he looked at it he explained that what was pictured didn’t line up with the anatomy of the ear; although he is more than happy to pierce wherever you want!! He showed me and I liked his proposal. I trust him completely with his expertise! The environment is open, friendly and very relaxed. The hygiene in the studio is 5 star, I always see them sanitize after every customer. I very much doubt these will be my last piercings. I’m even looking at tattoo designs. When I’m settled on one I will only get it done here! Great team here. Highly recommended. Well done guys!


My Tat

August 19, 2016

Wow, wow, wow, wow! Yuki did above and beyond what I expected with my tattoo. It is beautiful – what talent this young lady has. Thank you soooo much. Well worth the journey from Peterborough AND the fact everything was vegan is an absolute bonus!

Tracy Winterton

I want to show everyone my artwork

July 12, 2016

The environment was clean and inviting, and I felt comfortable. My tattoo was done by Sooz, It was a cover up of an old tattoo done in my teens. She was really good and encapsulated my vision of what I wanted her to do. She took her time and really created a work of art on my back that I want to show to everyone I am very happy with what she created. I actually got my tattoo done almost 2 years ago now; I was on the website contemplating if I should get another one and decided to write a review as I never told them just how happy I was with the work. Great place to go I would definitely go back


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