Is there any difference in the quality of vegan inks versus non-vegan inks?

A: “What do you mean, vegan ink?!” is a question we get all the time! There is no difference in the quality. Some of the most reputable and respected ink companies in the UK and the USA, such as Intenze, Eternal, and Kuro Sumi, are widely used by tattooists for all styles and we use them, too. We choose our products carefully to make sure they are animal-free and that’s the only difference. Your colours will stay bright and your blacks will stay black — without the bone char!

Should I do anything special before coming in for a tattoo or piercing?

A: Be healthy, be happy! Always, always, eat a good breakfast or lunch before your session. This helps stabalise your blood sugars and adrenaline which can spike during a tattoo session and even during a short piercing. Bring snacks and drinks for longer tattoo sessions! Get a good night’s sleep… and don’t party hard the night before, as alcohol thins the blood. Otherwise, you should be all good to go.

Do I have to stop by for a consultation beforehand?

A: If you live in London, it’s the best idea in the world. Though we live a digital age, we’d still love to see you and talk! Call us old-school, but we prefer real face-to-face time with our clients to better understand individual desires and to give professional input regarding your ideas. For international clients, initial email communication is usually preferred, and we’ll do our best to make arrangements for you abroad.

Can I bring friends along?

A: Due to current circumstances we are asking customers to attend appointments alone (with the exception of under 16 piercings for which we require an adult to be present)

Can I see an artist’s drawing before I book and make a deposit?

A: A deposit goes towards the designing time and energy put into the design process, so it’s a little necessity that your deposit goes towards the work. Don’t worry, your deposit is included in the price of your tattoo.

Can I see/make changes to my design before my tattoo?

A: Yes! If arrangements are made with your tattooist to see your design in person on a booked-basis beforehand, you may give feedback and your design will be reworked for your tattoo date. Usually, though, tattooists work in a queue of designs and have them prepared on the day and set aside extra time in your session just to go over your design before you’re worked on.

Can I get a touch-up if some ink rejects?

A: Yes. Within about a month of your finished session, let us know if your skin rejected any small lines or other areas. We will touch your tattoo up on the house. Ideally, clients would not need touch-ups if the healing went completely smoothly, but sometimes a bit of ink does fall out during healing.