About Phred

Phred was a highly-inspired child who was always drawing on his desk, much to his teachers’ demise. In his 20s, triggered by the tattoo scene in Cronenburg’s film, Crash, he knew his path immediately and asked for an apprenticeship the next day.

Back then in 2001, Phred spent his days on South London’s high street tattooing simple script, hearts, and walk-ins until he discovered Xed Lehead, the Godfather and pioneer of geometry and dotwork — though he would be quite modest of admitting that!

He spent much time being tattooed by Xed and worked under him to acquire the sacred geometric knowledge and techniques he still uses today, including his egolessness and attentiveness.

Phred is incessant about every single design, from the interpersonal relations with clients to the hours spent stencilling, and the drawing on his days off; currently, he is moving forward on the scene of Brick Lane, East London, getting to know his clientele who are often artistically and spiritually motivated, and conscientious of what they desire. Ever-evolving, he is always appreciative of the idiosyncratic and original projects that come through the door.

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