About Sabina

Sabina Pavel is a born artist who has been drawing since the tender age of seven and took up tattooing as a profession as an extension of her natural inclination, coming from a background in stage design at the University of Theatre and Cinematography.

Sabina has been classically trained in Bucharest in eye-popping colour, dot-work and geometry; her main passion in tattooing lies in colour and magnificent, imaginative, designs. New-school and graphic tattoos are the her favourites and this is where her drawings lead her when inspiration hits.

Her future goal is to take on even more black & grey projects to expand on her discipline. In her spare time, Sabina is an avid traveller, planning to land on many continents and has climbed dozens of mountains around the world from Iceland to Patagonia.

An adventurous spirit who loves to smile, she currently finished her rope access course in London to find the highest buildings possible to climb

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