About Shannon

Shannon Idzikowska is an Advaita Zen Buddhist with a flair for the arts and humanities. She co-founded Fifth D. and has been a vegan since 2008, where she grew up in rural Wisconsin: literally, the “the dairy state”. She was an overnight vegetarian after reading Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth From the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat.

Two years later, she drove down to New Orleans to help the people who lost their homes when Hurricane Katrina hit the city. At an emergency camp called the Made with Love Cafe, which cooked plant-based foods donated from all over the country, she thought “I can do this for life”, and so it was.

After spending weeks expanding her consciousness amongst the Cajun people, she left a changed person forever and moved to London. She completed her BA journalism dissertation in abolitionist veganism based on law professor and long-time animal activist Gary Francione’s work.

She is also a qualified writer, artist (painter/musician), and is studying anthropology. At the heart of her work, she loves the whole world and its manifestation