About Andy

Andy used to be in punk bands, and has been piercing his friends his entire life yet is now a Buddhist and an avid learner of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Andy developed his sarcastic sense of humour growing up in Communist Poland and uses humour to lighten his clients, (though not everybody is a great appreciator of the style…)

Regardless of his edgy humour, he treats his profession as a piercer with meticulous care. Trained under Phred here at Fifth Dimension, he is going on his sixth year as a professional body piercer and keeps rolling with the flow.

Andy has a chilled-out approach to life and sees piercing as self-discipline and a form of meditation, where nothing exists except the moment he is piercing. “It calms me down in the best way,” he says. Though traditional ear or nose piercing might seem mundane to the onlooker, it takes an incredible amount of skill and focus to handle needles with an often nervous ‘stranger’ – and get it right – every single time.

When a client feels that twang of happiness, boost of confidence, and release of stress and energy, he finds the greatest satisfaction in his profession.

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